• Ritmo Y Soniquete – October 29, 3pm and 8pm
    Rhythm & Groove – hot and fiery Flamenco, as it should be!

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  • “I was so entranced by the music I had to close my eyes and when I did, it was so amazing to connect.”

  • “At times playful and flirtatious, others driving and relentless, Kasandra’s range as a dancer is the envy of many.”

  • “Kasandra is a power house of one, and a notable icon in the world of Canadian flamenco dance and performance.”

  • “I loved the difference between the dance numbers, from dark and sorrowful to cheerful and joyful. It gets better and better. I didn’t want it to end.”

  • “Kasandra embodies pure flamenco. A master of technique and impeccable rhythm, she is both raw and elegant.”

  • “I saw the connection between the guitarist and cajon player. The whole group was so connected and I’ve never seen that in any shown I’ve ever been to.”

  • “Kasandra is unique performer, original visionary, always fresh and innovative”

  • “This is the best flamenco show I’ve seen since the last time I was in Spain! I was in tears and I saw many others were as well.”

  • “Kasandra’s art is uncompromising and relentless. Audiences are left breathless when she hits the stage with yet another hot-blooded driving number.”

  • “Solo Flamenco was an emotionally cathartic experience from beginning to end. The show left us in tears.”

  • “I have seen lightning crash watching Kasandra dance. It is a heart pounding, wave crashing feeling to see her perform.”