Solo Flamenco

“Solo Flamenco” presents Flamenco in its purest traditional form, The Cuadro. A “cuadro” is a flamenco group that includes a flamenco dancer, guitarist, singer and percussionist.

“We are a four-piece jazz group speaking the language of Flamenco. The beauty of the cuadro is that it allows for unadulterated, individual expression in a spontaneous interaction that can only be captured in the moment.” – Kasandra “La China”.

Here is a sneak peek behind the curtain at some of the pleasures that await:

  • Kasandra “La China” with rapid-fire footwork duel with Davide Sampaolo on cajon.
  • Contemporary flamenco Tangos by Kasandra “La China” to original music by Liron Man.
  • Haunting dance solo by Kasandra “La China” with Manton de Manila (large shawl with fringe) to the sorrowful wailing of Jafelin Helten’s song.
  • Beautiful Sevillian-inspired dance to surprising catchy Cuban tunes with flashy fan work and Cordobes red hat.
  • A dramatic, bold percussive duet between Liron Man, guitarist, and Davide Sampaolo, percussionist.

What The Audience Says:

“Solo Flamenco was an emotionally cathartic experience from beginning to end. The show left us in tears.”

“I was so entranced by the music I had to close my eyes and when I did, it was so amazing to connect with the music.”

“I loved the difference between the dance numbers, from dark and sorrowful to cheerful and joyful. It gets better and better. I didn’t want it to end.”

“I saw the connection between the guitarist and cajon player. The whole group was so connected and I’ve never seen that in any shown I’ve ever been to.”

“This is the best flamenco show I’ve seen since the last time I was in Spain! I was in tears and I saw many others were as well.”

“I am a professional guitarist and I am stunned at the mastery of this group and the complexity of flamenco poly-rhythms. These guys belong in the big theatre. Next time I am coming with 50 friends.”



Technical Rider


  • 3 floor mics for dancer footwork PZMs or equivalent
  • Side-fill monitors for dancer
  • 1 wireless head mic for singer
  • The percussionist has an SM57 and will use one of your house mics, general overhead
  • 1 guitarist SM58
  • 3 musician monitors
  • We would like to record the audio of the show and get a feed to the sound board.
  • Position of musicians from point of view of audience:
    Percussion – Singer – Guitar


  • Circle Specials set to musicians:  singer, guitar, percussion
  • Centre special with an iris that expands/contracts for dancer
  • Side lighting – Shins & mids
  • Gobo needed, vines or swirls
  • Detailed instructions for each dance numbers are forwarded to the lighting technician before the show.

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